• Posted On Tuesday, October 20, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    When exploring inbound lead-generation methods, you'll probably come across content marketing. Research shows 91% of B2B companies use it in their sales strategy. Content marketing, of course, refers to the use of high-quality content to attract buyers. A piece of content doesn't necessarily have to advertise a product or service. As long as it's relevant to your B2B company's audience and offers value, it may compel them to voluntarily seek out your B2B company's products or services. If you're going to use content marketing, though, you should consider publishing questions and answers.

    Questions Indicate a Need

    Buyers search for questions related to B2B products and services when they have a need. If a buyer is looking to make a purchase, he or she may research a product or service beforehand. During this research stage, the buyer may search for questions related to a product or service. You can connect with these buyers by publishing content in the form of questions and answers.

    Search Engines Rank Questions High in the Results

    You'll generate more organic traffic to your B2B company's website -- or its blog -- when publishing questions and answers. Search engines love pages with high-quality questions and answers. Google even displays them in a special listing known as a featured snippet. Featured snippets are prominent box-styled listings that rank at the top of the Google's results. They generally contain a question as the title and an answer within the description. To rank your B2B company's website in featured snippets, you'll need to publish questions and answers that are relevant to your B2B company's audience.

    Reach Buyers Who Use Voice Search Technology

    Publishing questions and answers will allow you to reach more buyers who use voice search technology. Voice search technology consists of apps and smart speakers that allow users to perform searches using their voice. Most voice search technology users ask questions. Apps and smart speakers will then provide the user with an answer, which is typically pulled from the search results. As long as you publish lots of questions and answers, you'll reach these voice-search buyers.

    Long-Lasting Value

    Finally, questions and answers offer long-lasting value for both your B2B company and its audience of buyers. Most forms of content have a short life expectancy. They may be relevant when you initially publish them, but after a few months, they'll lose their relevancy. Questions and answers don't suffer from this problem. Buyers will constantly search for answers to their questions, making this a highly effective form of B2B content.

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