• Posted On Sunday, May 09, 2021 by Vince Antoine

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    Are you planning to host a B2B webinar? Also known as web conference or a virtual conference, it's an effective way to engage with prospective buyers while nurturing them through your B2B company's sales process. A webinar allows you to speak directly to multiple prospective buyers in real time. You can talk about your B2B company's products or services, and you can even provide visuals showing those products or service in action. For a successful B2B webinar, though, you should consider the five following tips.

    #1) Go Long

    Longer B2B webinars typically outperform shorter B2B webinars. You won't get many registrations if your B2B webinar is only five or 10 minutes. Short B2B webinars such as this offer little or no value to prospective buyers. Therefore, most prospective buyers will avoid them. Instead of a short length, aim for a longer length of about 30 to 60 minutes.

    #2) Offer Registrations Early

    The sooner you begin to accept registrations for your B2B webinar, the better. A study conducted by GoToWebinar found that over one in 10 registrations occur at least four weeks before the actual webinar. By accepting registrations early, more prospective buyers will view your B2B webinar.

    #3) Include a Q&A at the End

    You can host a more effective B2B webinar by including a Q&A at the end. During this Q&A, you should allow prospective buyers to ask questions related to the content of your B2B webinar. Including a Q&A in your B2B webinar will turn it into a two-way conversation. Prospective buyers can ask you questions at the end of your B2B webinar, which you can answer to satisfy their needs.

    #4) Perform a Dry Run

    It's a good idea to perform a dry run of your B2B webinar. There's nothing worse than hosting a B2B webinar, only to discover that there's a technical issue is preventing prospective buyers from viewing it. Performing a dry run will allow you to identify technical issues, as well as other problems, that could otherwise ruin your B2B webinar.

    #5) Record It

    While B2B webinars are typically performed in real time -- meaning they are live-streamed -- you should still consider recording your B2B webinar. Recording your B2B webinar will allow you to repurpose it for other marketing and sales purposes. After recording it, for example, you can upload it to your B2B company's YouTube channel or its social media profiles. Alternatively, you can email it to prospective buyers on your B2B company's marketing list.


    You can give a webinar to one particular company or a to a variety at the same time. When you use the SalesLeads sales leads, you'll find a single company that is ready to evaluate your product or service. You'll find if they are in need of your product or service with the project report. You may want to host a webinar for all of the evaluators, recommenders and buyers with a tailored webinar. This way, you get everyone on the same page...at the same time. Give it a try.

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