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    Lead development representatives (LDRs) play a key role in the B2B sales process. They aren't ordinary sales reps. Rather, LDRs are industrial sales lead generation specialists who focus on generating, as well as qualifying, sales leads. Research shows that over half of B2B companies cite sales lead generation as their biggest challenge. With a team of LDRs, though, sales lead generation isn't a concern. LDRs are specialists who are trained to generate and nurture sales leads. This post explores five traits of highly successful LDRs.

    #1) Goal-Oriented

    Highly successful LDRs are goal-oriented. In other words, they work towards achieving specific goals. Highly successful LDRs may set goals for generating a minimum number of sales leads per month. With these goals, they'll be able to measure their success. Goals allow LDRs to determine whether their outreach and nurturing strategy is working.

    #2) Content Creation

    Another trait of highly successful LDRs is the ability to create great content. Research shows that four in five B2B companies use content to generate sales leads. LDRs can use content to attract prospects and, ultimately, acquire them as sales leads. They know how to create amazing content, and they know where to publish it.

    #3) Calling

    Calling is a common task performed by LDRs. Many LDRs use cold calling and warm calling to generate sales leads. Cold calling is defined as the act of calling a prospect with whom your B2B company hasn't communicated in the past. Warm calling, on the other hand, is defined as the act of calling a prospect with whom your B2B company has communicated in the past. Highly successful LDRs know how to use cold calling and warm calling to engage prospects.

    #4) Handle Rejections

    LDRs will inevitably encounter rejections when communicating with prospects -- and that's okay. Maybe a prospect has already selected another B2B company, or perhaps the prospect no longer needs to purchase a product or service. Regardless, the ability to handle rejections is something that distinguishes highly successful LDRs from their less successful counterparts.

    #4) Research Skills

    Before contacting a prospect, many LDRs will research him or her. Strong research skills is a trait of highly successful LDRs. Highly successful LDRs will research prospects before calling, emailing or otherwise contacting them. Using the information obtained during the research stage, LDRs can craft a compelling message.

    #5) Strong Listening Skills

    In addition to strong research skills, highly successful LDRs have strong listening skills. They must listen to prospects so that they can offer an answer to their problems. All prospects have problems. That's typically why they seek products or services from B2B companies. Highly successful LDRs know how to listen to prospects and, thus, offer a solution.

    One way to empower LDRs is to give them a platform that gives them the research they need and projects that approved. Introduce them to the SalesLeads platform so they can develop sales leads that are ready to be worked on by the sales team.

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