• Posted On Monday, July 26, 2021 by Cherise Kennerley

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    To be in the presence of a high earner, quota busting B2B sales rep is a privilege. These highly effective sales reps have the experience and the ability to maintain a level of interest and passion that shows through on every sales call whether it be on Zoom, phone or in person.

    Sales managers and executive management know that they possess the following qualities:

    1. Build Customer Relationships: They know how to build and emphasize the new customer relationship from the introduction to final order in the selling process.
    2. Know the Product/Service Offerings: Successful B2B sales reps know their product and service inside out. Successful sales reps can clearly articulate how their product and/or service uniquely aligns with the needs of the buyer.
    3. Face-to-Face: Before, during and after Covid, the successful B2B sales rep is in the customers face either in-person or on Zoom. That special interaction ensures ongoing communication.
    4. High quality sales leads: Not all services are created equal. If the B2B sales rep doesn’t get what he/she believes is high quality, he/she will move on. Keep in mind SalesLeads, as our services specialize in your industry.  

    What can sales management and marketing do to support the efforts of these high performing sales reps?

    Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics uses AI technology to help improve sales leads conversion rates. Sometimes, it’s not about finding more new sales leads, sometimes it’s about going through what you have and identify or label high value or high-quality prospects. How do you identify high quality sales leads? Ask the successful sales rep to describe their customer base or best customers. Identify and extract those prospects in your CRM or database, and test it out. You can take it a bit further by testing which words in the message prompted the prospects to take action. Now measure the success at each step. Remember, successful sales reps won’t bother with low quality sales leads from marketing. They’ll go off on their own and do their own thing.

    Sales Analytics

    Sales analytics is great for identifying trends. It can help increase the understanding of what factors impact the industry, and of course, sales. Getting this information will be beneficial for all sales to know, but the successful sales rep will take it a step further and include it in their prospecting efforts and the sales cycle.

    The best professionals to work together on sales analytics consists of marketing, sales operations and a sales rep.

    With that said…

    It’s best to support top performing B2B sales reps with the use of technology in order to focus on quality sales leads. Taking your time and being purposeful on efforts will produce the best results and build confidence from high performing sales reps.

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