• Posted On Friday, September 24, 2021 by Vince Antoine

    Prospecting Services

    When researching ways to streamline and improve your company's sales strategy, you come across appointment setting services and prospecting services. They've become increasingly popular among B2B companies in recent years. If your company operates in an industrial sector, you may want to use an appointment setting service and prospecting services. What is an appointment setting service exactly, and how does it work?

    Overview of Appointment Setting Services

    An appointment setting service is exactly what it sounds like: It's a service in which a third-party provider schedules appointments with prospective buyers on your company's behalf. You can always contact prospective buyers yourself to score appointments. If you know the name and phone number of a prospective buyer, for instance, you can call him or her. During this initial call, you can ask the prospective buyer to schedule an appointment to further discuss a potential deal.

    Instead of doing it all yourself, though, you can purchase an appointment setting service to help support your calling efforts. Appointment setting services are offered by third-party providers, such as industrial lead generation specialists such as SalesLeads. They'll contact prospective buyers and target accounts while encouraging them to schedule appointments with your company. Appointment setting providers have teams of sales lead generation and engagement experts. They'll call leads while trying to convince them to schedule an appointment to talk with your company.

    How an Appointment Setting Service Works

    When you purchase an appointment setting service, the provider or "appointment setter" will contact prospective buyers while enticing them to schedule an appointment with your company. Appointment setting services are typically offered by industrial lead generation specialists. Therefore, they can generate sales leads as well. They'll find prospective buyers, after which they'll call those sales leads to generate appointments. The provider will then relay the qualified appointments to your company.

    Benefits of using an appointment setting service includes the following:

    • Allows you to spend more time selling and less time convincing prospective buyers to book appointments
    • Provides access to high-quality leads that your company may have otherwise missed
    • Ability to segment sales leads based on various criteria
    • Providers have the experience and expertise needed to get past gatekeepers and convince prospective buyers to book appointments
    • Saves time by targeting decision-makers for appointments

    With an appointment setting service, you can essentially skip straight to the sales process and into the sales funnel. You won't have to find prospective buyers by yourself, nor will you have to convince them to book an appointment. The prospecting service will perform these tasks on your company's behalf.

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