• Posted On Wednesday, October 27, 2021 by Vince Antoine


    Do you validate your B2B company's industrial sales leads? According to ZoomInfo, only about half of B2B companies validate their sales leads. Validation, of course, refers to separating or segmenting industrial sales leads based on their quality. You can create two groups, with one group consisting of non-sales industrial sales leads and another group consisting of sales-ready industrial sales leads. Alternatively, you can validate industrial leads by scoring them. Regardless, there are several reasons why you should validate your B2B company's industrial sales leads.

    #1) Easier to Reach Prospective Buyers

    You'll have an easier time reaching prospective buyers if you validate your B2B company's industrial sales leads. It can take over a dozen calls to reach a prospective buyer after obtaining his or her information as a sales lead. Validation, however, will allow you to check the information of a prospective buyer to ensure it's correct. As a result, reaching prospective buyers is easier if you implement sales lead validation in your B2B company's sales process.

    #2) Target High-Profile Accounts

    Industrial sales lead validation allows you to target high-profile accounts. Some buyer accounts will prove more valuable to your B2B company than others. By validating your B2B company's industrial sales leads, you can identify these valuable, high-profile accounts so that you can prioritize them over other, low-profile accounts.

    #3) Marketing and Sales Alignment

    Another reason to validate industrial sales leads is marketing and sales alignment. It encourages both marketing teams and sales teams to work together. Your B2B company's marketing team may procure industrial sales leads, and with the assistance of sales team members, they may validate these industrial sales leads. With closely aligned marketing and sales teams, your B2B company will have a more strategic approach to the sales lead ensuring their needs are uncovered and met.

    #4) Filter Spam

    You're bound to experience spam sales leads. Spam leads, of course, aren't real leads. They may contain a name, phone number and message, but this information doesn't reflect a prospective buyer who's interesting in making a purchase. Rather, spam leads are used by nefarious companies to sell their own products or services. Fortunately, validating industrial sales leads gives you the opportunity to filter spam leads such as this.

    #5) It's Easy

    Validating industrial sales leads is easier than you may realize. You can do it yourself by evaluating the information of prospective buyers. If a prospective buyer's information is accurate and matches your B2B company's target audience, the sales lead should be considered valid. There are also industrial lead generation and prospecting specialists that can assist with validation. They can generate, as well as validate, industrial sales leads on your B2B company's behalf.

    Get High Quality Sales Leads to Minimize Validation

    One of the best ways to minimize spam or unqualified industrial sales leads is to go to a source that specializes in sales lead generation. SalesLeads' team of researchers are constantly uncovering projects and are immediately validated. The sales leads are automatically categorized in the various stages such as project approved, broke ground, planning stages to name a few. This type of information allows you to determine when you call the industrial sales lead based on your product and services. It can fill the sales funnel faster with identified projects.

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