• Posted On Tuesday, January 10, 2023 by Vince Antoine

    Find Email

    To contact a decision-maker via email, you must know his or her email address. Decision-makers, of course, include business owners, C-suite executives and other high-level professionals who have the authority to make purchases on behalf of the businesses for which they work. You can reach out to lower-level professionals when selling your B2B company's products or services, but you probably won't close many deals unless you target decision-makers. How do you find a decision-maker's email address exactly?

    Check Business Website

    Start by checking the website of the business for which the decision-maker works. Many business websites have an "Our Team" or "About Us" page. On these pages, they may list their decision-makers and their respective contact information.

    It only takes a few seconds to check a business website for one of the aforementioned pages, but doing so may reveal the decision-maker's email address.

    Look on LinkedIn

    You may be able to find the decision-maker's email address on LinkedIn. Because they are high-level professionals, many decision-makers have a presence on LinkedIn. They maintain a profile on the popular business-focused social media network, which they use to interact with product vendors, talent and other people. To find a decision-maker's email address, you should look on his or her profile.

    Keep in mind that phone numbers -- as well as other information on LinkedIn profiles -- may be set to private. You won't be able to see the decision-maker's phone number if he or she has set it to private. Instead, you'll have to add the decision-maker as a connection. Once the decision-maker accepts your invitation, you'll be able to view otherwise private profile information, such as the decision-maker's email address.

    Use an Email Finder Tool

    There are tools available that are designed specifically for finding email addresses. Known as email finder tools, they work by scouring databases, as well as the internet, for email addresses. You just need to enter the decision-maker's name, as well as the business for which he or she works, and the email finder tool will look for it. Some of the top email finder tools include Skrapp.io, Snov.io and Hunter.io.

    Search on Google

    Even if you don't have access to an email finder tool, you can always use Google to search for a decision-maker's email address. Pull up Google and enter the decision-maker's name, business name and the phrase "email address." It's not as effective as using an email finder tool, but with a little luck, searching on Google may reveal the decision-maker's email address.

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