• Posted On Sunday, May 01, 2022 by Vince Antoine


    Industrial Market Intelligence, IMI tracked new growth in new construction, expansion and capital investment for the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center for April 2022 with the overall findings for April 2019 through April 2022:

    IMI saw healthy growth of 37% in April 2019 in comparison to April 2020. One of the largest project included Costco Wholesale Corporation with a $25 million in new construction with a 165,000 sq feet of storage, warehouse and distribution.

    In addition, manufacturing was strong in April of 2019 and saw a significant drop in April 2020 by 63%. It saw a steady increase and by April 2022, it came back within 4%. A strong recovery. Distribution centers remained steady over the course of the years and only once saw a surge of 79%.

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