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    For a shorter sales cycle, look no further than appointment setting. Appointment setting is the process of acquiring appointments from prospects. It's commonly used in the B2B industry. B2B companies of all shapes and sizes use appointment setting as part of their overall sales process. Aside from higher conversion rates, appointment setting can help your B2B company achieve a shorter sales cycle in the following ways.

    #1) Lead Qualification

    You can use appointment setting for lead qualification purposes. Some leads are higher quality than others. By qualifying your B2B company's leads, you can prioritize high-quality leads over low-quality leads. Appointment setting will give you the opportunity to qualify leads. During the appointments, you can ask open-ended questions to determine whether a given prospect is a good fit for your B2B company, thus shortening your B2B company's sales cycle.

    #2) Purchase From Lead Generation Specialists

    While many B2B companies perform appointment setting in-house, others outsource it. Outsourcing this task to a lead generation specialist can shorten your B2B company's sales cycle. You won't have to consume time or resources to solicit appointments. Instead, you can purchase appointments from a lead generation specialist.

    #3) Prevents Pipeline Congestion

    Appointment setting will prevent your B2B company's sales pipeline from becoming congested. Congested sales pipelines are associated with long sales cycles. Sales pipelines, of course, consist of multiple stages of a sales process. If your B2B company has a congested sales pipeline, it means prospects are stuck in one or more of these stages. You can move prospects through your B2B company's sales pipeline more quickly by using appointment setting.

    #4) Lead Management

    With appointment setting, you'll have an easier time managing your B2B company's leads. Appointments are leads. When a prospect agrees to an appointment, you can schedule a date and time for the appointment. You can then avoid scheduling other prospects' appointments for this same date and time. Instead, you can choose a different date and time. The bottom line is that leads are easier to manage with appointment setting. Appointment setting will allow you to schedule specific dates and times for prospects.

    #5) No Back-and-Forth Calls

    Appointment setting will eliminate the need for back-and-forth calls. Prospects will expect your call on the date and time for which their appointment is scheduled. You won't have to play "phone tag" with prospects. After scheduling an appointment for a prospect, you can call him or her on that date and time. The prospect will expect your call, so you won't have to make back-and-forth calls to try and reach the prospect.

    How to Get Started

    Start supporting the sales force with appointment setting with SalesLeads' Prospect Services. This is a great way to support the filling of the funnel so your sales team can be more productive. Ask us more about our services.

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