• Using Sales Data to Drive Lead Generation and Customer Success

    Posted On June 30, 2016 by Evan Lamolinara

    Big data is a hot topic for 2016, but how can businesses use data to drive lead generation strategies and customer success?

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  • Tips for Landing High Value Industrial Sales Opportunities

    Posted On June 22, 2016 by Robert Smith

    The net profits earned from an industrial construction sale will depend largely on the total size of the project. While there are always exceptions to this rule, you'll typically earn more profits from selling a high-dollar industrial construction job as opposed to an small project. But how exactly do you score these high-dollar jobs in such a competitive landscape?

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  • Converting Your Industrial Construction Leads

    Posted On June 16, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Wouldn't it be great if every prospect to whom you pitched your industrial construction service made a purchase? No matter how hard you try, achieving a 100% success rate on your sales efforts is next-to-impossible. Some prospects will reject your offer, with excuses ranging from “pricing is too high,” to “it's not the right fit for our needs.”

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  • Office Moving Leads: Improve Your Telemarketing Results

    Posted On June 14, 2016 by Robert Smith

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  • 5 Reasons Your Sales Might Be Suffering

    Posted On June 12, 2016 by Robert Smith

    If you're struggling to close the sale with prospective B2B customers, you'll need to take a few steps back to re-evaluate your approach. Convincing a prospect to purchase your product or services isn't always easy, especially when the prospect is another business owner. However, the following mistakes will only hurt your efforts to close the sale, which is why it's a good idea to avoid them in your sales tactics.

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