• How to Generate More Office Furniture Leads Using Twitter

    Posted On August 27, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc.

    Are you using Twitter to attract new office furniture leads? The Big Blue Bird may fall short of LinkedIn, but with nearly 1 billion people logging in to Twitter each month, it's still a powerful social media network that can drive countless new office furniture leads to your company. If you're thinking about using Twitter for this purpose, follow these tips to boost its lead generation power.

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  • 5 Voicemail Mistakes Industrial Sales Reps Make

    Posted On August 26, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc.

    In the busy lives of an industrial sales rep, you won't always be able to answer the phone when a client calls. Maybe you're out of the office, or perhaps you're on the phone with another client. Either way, you can send these missed calls to voicemail, allowing the caller to leave his or her name so that you can follow up. While voicemail is an excellent selling tool for industrial sales reps, you should avoid making the following mistakes when creating and using voicemail.

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  • 5 Types of Office Relocation Videos to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

    Posted On August 25, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc.

    The internet has become a popular channel for watching videos. On YouTube alone -- the world's leading video-sharing website -- users watch approximately 5 billion videos per day, which translates into about 1 billion hours of content. Office relocation companies can use this to their advantage by making video marketing a key component of their outreach and promotional efforts. But if you're planning to use video to attract office relocation leads and generate sales, you need to create the right type of videos. While the possibilities are endless, the five following types of videos typically yield the best results for office relocation companies.

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  • Is Social Media Effective for Selling Industrial Products and Services?

    Posted On August 24, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc

    Social media networking has taken the world by storm. According to a Pew Research Center survey, two-thirds of all adults in the United States have a Facebook account -- and that's only a single network. But is Facebook the right choice if you’re selling roofing, generators, electrical services or forklifts? There are more than a dozen social media networks, each of which targets a different demographic of users. If you run or work for a B2B company, though, you might be wondering if social media is an effective sales channel. It's certainly a great way to find news, current events and funny photos, but can you use social media to sell your company's products or services?

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  • The Dos and Don'ts of eMail Marketing for Telecom

    Posted On August 23, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc

    Email is the preferred communication channel among most telecommunications or telecom customers. Regardless of what your company sells or to whom it sells them, incorporating email into your marketing strategy is a key tactic. It's a time-tested, effective way to reach your target audience with marketing messages, thereby driving interest, new sales, add-on sales and conversions. But to effectively use email, follow these dos and don'ts.

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