• How Content Marketing Can Help You Reach Industrial Construction Prospects

    Posted On March 20, 2018 by Salesleads, Inc

    Many B2B marketers and sales reps believe content marketing is only effective for certain industries, not including industrial construction. After all, why would a construction company be interested in reading or accessing your content? Moreover, how would this generate leads or sales? Whether you sell construction equipment or services, though, content marketing is a powerful promotional strategy that can yield real results.

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  • Why You Need to Choose the Right Market Intelligence Solution for B2B Sales

    Posted On March 09, 2018

    Ask any B2B marketer or sales rep and he or she will agree: a market intelligence solution is an invaluable tool for attracting new clients and generating more sales. With this tool, you'll have an easier time connecting with your company's audience and convincing them to buy your products or services. However, it's important to choose the right market intelligence solution, as this can prove even more useful for your company's marketing and sales efforts.

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  • How to Use Triggers Events for B2B Prospecting

    Posted On March 06, 2018

    A successful B2B sales campaign requires targeting the right prospects at the right time. Whether you're selling a prospect, service or both, you must reach out to to prospects when they are in the "buying" mindset. Otherwise, you'll struggle to convert them into customers. Unfortunately, this is where many B2B sales reps fall short. They fail to understand the specific needs of their prospects or when those prospects are ready to buy. There's a simple solution to overcome this hurdle, however: sales triggers. Also known as a trigger event, a sales trigger is an indication that a prospect is ready to buy. When a sales rep notices a trigger event, he or she should contact the prospect ASAP to increase their chances of sales success. In addition to sales, though, trigger events are also a powerful B2B prospecting strategy.

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  • 14 Important Trigger Events That Every B2B Sales Rep Should Use

    Posted On March 02, 2018

    As a B2B sales rep, you probably know the importance of contacting the right prospects at the right time. Unfortunately, determining who to contact and when to contact isn't always easy. There are certain "trigger events," however, that can help you make these decisions. If you're tired of a sky-high rejection rate, consider the following trigger events in your sales efforts.

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  • The Power of User-Generated Content in B2B Marketing

    Posted On February 28, 2018

    Content creation and distribution has become a top priority among business-to-business (B2B marketers. According to HubSpot, nearly one-third of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Unlike outbound marketing techniques, content marketing attracts clients and customers naturally using high-quality, targeted content. If you're planning to use content marketing in your B2B marketing strategy, though, you should consider seeking user-generated content.

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