• Follow Up Strategies for B2B Sales Leads

    Posted On January 06, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Following up with both B2B sales leads is essential if you have a long sales cycle. Once you've acquired a lead, you'll need to contact him or her to make a sale. But it takes more than just a short 5-minute phone call to convert a prospect into a paying client. Check out these follow-up call strategies to improve your conversion rates.

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  • Sales Management Tips For Your Industrial Leads

    Posted On January 05, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Looking to attract new industrial clients and generate more sales? Here are some tips to help.

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  • Tips For Using Email Marketing to Nurture Office Relocation Leads

    Posted On January 04, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Email remains a time-tested, effective platform on which office relocation service providers can promote their business. Assuming you've collected a list of prospective office relocation leads and their email addresses, you can send them messages in an effort to keep top of mind awareness and ultimately convince them to use your services.

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  • Posted On January 01, 2016 by Robert Smith

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  • How to Scale Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

    Posted On January 01, 0001

    Many business-to-business (B2B) companies reach a point in their marketing efforts where they can no longer grow or expand their operations. This "plateau" can prove difficult to break free of. Instead of increasing their customer base, they hold steady with their current numbers. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you should consider the following tips to scale your B2B marketing campaigns and break free of this plateau.

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