• Distribution and Supply Chain News and Planned Industrial Project Reports - JULY 2019 Recap

    Posted On August 19, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    Planned industrial project activity within the sector increased by 16% from the previous month, but is down 35% YTD from the previous year. The following are selected highlights on new Distribution Center and Warehouse construction news.

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  • How to Set Up a LinkedIn Page for Your B2B Company to Get Noticed and Generate Sales Leads

    Posted On August 05, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    With Facebook reaching the largest audience of all social media networks -- about 2.4 billion each month -- many B2B companies overlook the value of LinkedIn. Granted, LinkedIn reaches a smaller audience, but it's still a valuable marketing and sales platform. In fact, statistics show that four in five B2B sales leads originate from LinkedIn, compared to just 7% on Facebook and 13% on Twitter. To use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform, though, you'll need to set up a Page for your B2B company.

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  • 9 Tips to Build Trust With Your B2B Company's Audience

    Posted On July 31, 2019 by 9 Tips to Build Trust With Your B2B Company's Audience

    Trust in your B2B company is the foundation for any marketing or sales process. Regardless of what your B2B company sells, you probably have competitors who sell the same or similar products or services. While countless factors can affect a prospective buyer's, or sales lead's, purchasing decision, one of the most influential is trust. By building a trustworthy reputation, it'll be easier to market and to close more sales. Below are nine effective ways to build trust with your B2B company's audience.

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  • 10 Tips to Prevent Your B2B Sales Emails from Going into the Spam Folder

    Posted On July 11, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    Statistics show the average return on investment (ROI) for email, when used as a sales channel, is 4,400%. In other words, companies earn an average of $44 in revenue for every $1 they spend on email. But if you're planning to use email to generate sales for your B2B company, you'll need to take the necessary precautions to ensure your messages land in recipients' inbox. If an email land in a recipient's spam folder, it's unlikely he or she will read it. Furthermore, having too many of your emails flagged as spam can hinder your deliverability rate, meaning you'll reach fewer users using this sales tactic in the future. The good news is that you can prevent your sales emails from going to recipients' spam folder by following these 10 tips.

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  • B2B Email Marketing: How to Attract More Newsletter Subscribers

    Posted On June 30, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    Email has become one of the leading marketing channels used by sales teams in office furniture companies. According to The State of B2B Email Marketing report, over three-quarters of B2B companies currently use email to attract sales leads and generate sales. As a result, consider using email in your office furniture company's sales process. When used correctly, it can drive dozens or even hundreds of new sales leads or buyers to your office furniture company.

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