• B2B Sales: The 4 Step Process to Up-selling

    Posted On July 12, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    Upselling is a great way to boost revenue in B2B sales. Once a customer has purchased your product or service, you can begin to sell him or her a relevant “add on.” Generating B2B sales leads is tough, and in some case the cost for 1 sales lead can be several hundred dollars. In order for a sales executive to justify using any lead generation tool, the ROI has to make sense. Plus, you've already got the relationship with the prospect, why not maximize revenue?

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  • What is Your Voicemail Delivery Strategy?

    Posted On July 04, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    How much time do you spend in a typical day leaving voicemails? Statistic show roughly four in five sales calls don't reach the intended prospect. While you can always attempt to call back a prospect at a later time, you are more likely to reach the prospect if you leave a voicemail. However, you should optimize your voicemail delivery strategy so that you aren't spending too much time on this sales tactic. While leaving voicemails can help you reach and connect with more prospects, it can also divert your time and resources away from other important tasks. Here are a few ways to maximize your voicemail delivery strategy.

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  • What Is Sales Gamification? And Why Should I Use It?

    Posted On May 13, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara

    Gamification has become a hot topic among B2B sales reps. While gamification can be used for a variety of purposes, it's particularly effective at motivating sales teams. But what exactly is sales gamification? And why should your company's sales team use it?

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  • How to Leverage the Power of Key Accounts

    Posted On May 07, 2019 by SalesLeads, Inc.

    Sales Management knows that key accounts is defined as a buyer who makes regular large purchases. They spend more money than regular buyers, making them a lucrative stream of revenue for B2B companies. If you operate a B2B company that services facilities, you might be wondering how to leverage the revenue-driving power of key accounts.

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  • 5 Voicemail Mistakes Industrial Sales Reps Make

    Posted On August 26, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc.

    In the busy lives of an industrial sales rep, you won't always be able to answer the phone when a client calls. Maybe you're out of the office, or perhaps you're on the phone with another client. Either way, you can send these missed calls to voicemail, allowing the caller to leave his or her name so that you can follow up. While voicemail is an excellent selling tool for industrial sales reps, you should avoid making the following mistakes when creating and using voicemail.

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