Since 1959, Sales Leads has been a pioneer is helping salespeople and marketing leaders across the US and Canada work smarter, sell more efficiently, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Today, our easy-to-use industrial sales intelligence platform is built around providing powerful insights on new, planned industrial projects and giving users quick access to key decision makers at your target accounts, including direct dial phone lines and email addresses.


The problem we solve for Industrial Product and Service Providers

Many B2B sales and marketing professionals rely on manual research to find decision makers, inbound leads for new RFPs, and networking to keep in the know on upcoming industrial project opportunities in their target markets. All of which can work well, but also are inconsistent and a major drain on internal resources.

We help to solve these problems by providing quick access to critical decision makers and their contact information, timely and accurate industrial project reports; all within one incredibly simple and easy-to-use online platform.

It’s how we fulfill our mission to solve the biggest problem in B2B sales and marketing – helping salespeople to find more, qualified prospects when they’re preparing to buy what you sell.


How We Help Industrial Sales Teams

The average sales rep spends 30% of their time researching prospects and their contact information. What if you had a tool that could cut that down to 5%? How much more revenue would you be able to generate?

Sales reps don’t have enough time to devote hours toward researching which companies to target, nor searching for who to call with each company; let alone finding their direct dials and email addresses.

We help sales teams uncover new opportunities and identify key decision makers so they can focus on selling, not researching who to target.


How We Help B2B Marketing Leaders

Dynamic marketing professionals want to do far more than rely on inbound leads and poorly targeted prospect lists. We provide quality outbound B2B marketing data made up of your ideal prospects at times when they’re most likely to convert into paying clients.

Our contact information, including direct phone numbers and email addresses, are meticulously tested for accuracy so that you can plug new, precision targeted prospects directly into your email marketing campaigns for more consistent lead generation results.


People + Technology = Our Equation for Success

Our team of researchers, who have unrivaled experience in the field, coupled with our powerful proprietary technology, and a vast network of data partners deliver the time-sensitive industrial project intelligence, and the accurate contact data you need to quickly take action, and drive revenue growth.

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