For over 55 years, Sales Leads been helping salespeople, sales and marketing managers, and owners across the US and Canada sell smarter and drive revenue growth.

Today, our powerful sales intelligence platform is built to provide timely commercial project leads, quick access to accurate company and contact level data at millions of accounts, including dials dials and email addresses.  You've got a lot on your plate; we help free to some of your time so you can focus on important, revenue generating activities. 



How We Help B2B Sales Professionals

Salespeople don’t have the time to spend hours researching which companies to target, then search for who to call within each account, and finally digging for their email address. 

We help sales teams by uncovering companies that are planning commercial relocations, build-outs, and expansions so you don't have to. Sales reps are able to quickly identify key decision makers and their direct contact information so they can focus on selling, not researching.


How We Help Dynamic Marketing Leaders

Marketing executives want to do far more than rely on inbound leads and poorly targeted prospect lists. We provide quality outbound B2B marketing data made up of your ideal prospects at times when they’re most likely to convert into paying clients.

Our contact information, including direct phone numbers and email addresses, are meticulously tested for accuracy so that you can plug new prospects directly into your email marketing campaigns.


People + Technology = Our Equation for Success

Our team of researchers, who have unrivaled experience in the field, coupled with our powerful proprietary technology, deliver the time-sensitive commercial project leads and the accurate prospect data you need to take action, and grow sales.


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“One deal [from using Sales Leads] makes it worthwhile.”

“I’ve made a lot of money off your leads…you are worth every cent.”

“Thank you for providing an exceptional service. Your company is a pleasure to work with and as a customer I feel as if you appreciate my business”

“I really was amazed at the accuracy of your information – especially for the cost! You guys do a great job!”

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