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SalesLeads helps thousands of sales professionals and marketing leaders to save time, and focus on selling. Our customers include commercial office equipment suppliers and distributors, equipment manufacturers, specialty contractors, engineering and design firms, and staffing companies.

Save Time... Sell More

Identify new companies that are planning to relocate, expand, and built-out their corporate, regional, and local facilities throughout North America. Our project intelligence platform is built to give you insights on planned projects in your target markets and easy access to find your ideal decision makers.

Our platform allows us to deliver commercial project intelligence that is “a sale waiting to happen.” Here’s why:

Commercial Project Opportunities:

Developed over many decades of experience, our research team identifies thousands of planned commercial construction, expansion, and renovation projects throughout North America. Don’t just rely on inbound RFPs or networking, put our project leads to work.

Easy Access to Decision Makers:

You know your business better than we ever will, and you already know who your ideal decision makers are at your target accounts. Use our “Quick Search” tool to find millions of decision makers at corporate, regional, and local facilities; including direct dials and email addresses.

Human Verified Data:

All SalesLeads data is verified by our in-house team of data quality analysts. While crowd-sourcing and web scraping has proven to be effective for some businesses, the result is often incorrect or incomplete data. Our verification processes ensure the most accurate and complete contact information.

Flexible Platform:

Do you only target specific industries, locations, or types of projects? That’s great. Your account can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Access our platform from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop so you can stay on top of your sales leads anywhere – and be productive anytime.


“I have used your service for many years and I can say without a doubt that we have had over $500,000 to $750,000 in sales because of your company.”

“I’ve made a lot of money off your leads…you are worth every cent.”

"For the past 14 years I've used your service as tool for starting conversations with new prospects and gaining new business. I would recommend SalesLeads to anybody that needs to find new business"

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