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    Attracting high-quality leads is essential to the success of your janitorial company. But what happens when a prospect exits your lead form without completing it? While most B2B companies would simply write off the prospect as a lost lead, there are ways to bring prospects back to your lead form and convert them into a valuable lead. If your janitorial company uses an online lead form, consider the following strategies to attract more returning visitors and generate more leads.

    Send Users a Reminder Email

    If you know the email address of returning prospects who've exited your lead form without completing it, try emailing them a reminder to return to your lead form. Some janitorial companies use tracking software on their website to identify visitors.

    According to a report titled "Reimaging Commerce,"

    45% of online prospects visit a website for the first time to learn more about the products or services. After visiting your janitorial company's lead form to research its products or services, a prospect may leave -- never to be seen or heard from again. You can connect with these prospects, however, and encourage them to complete your lead form by sending a friendly email reminder. Assuming your janitorial company uses a customer relationship management solution (CRM) or email marketing software, you can even automate this process so that you can focus your time and attention elsewhere.

    Promote Lead Form on Social Media

    Another way to bring users back to your janitorial company's lead form is to promote it on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook. According to Pew, 68% of adults in the United States use Facebook at least once a month on their computer or mobile device.

    Therefore, there's a good chance that your janitorial company's target audience is on Facebook. By promoting your janitorial company and its lead form on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can bring prospects back to your lead form.

    While Facebook has the largest base of users, there are other social media networks that can bring users back to your janitorial company's lead form. Twitter, for example, is regularly used by approximately 336 million people. The micro-message social network is simple and easy to use. Just share relevant, high-quality information that your company's target audience wants to access, and curate it using one to three #hashtags. Along with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help you reach prospects who visited your janitorial company's lead form but didn't complete it.

    Remarketing With Google Ads

    Have you heard of remarketing? Available in the Google Ads interface, this feature allows you to create ads that are displayed to people who visited your janitorial company's lead form. When businesses typically create ads on Google, they target users by search query. A company that sells janitorial supplies, for example, may target prospects who search for keywords such as "commercial floor cleaner" or "buy buffer machine." Assuming the janitorial supplies company sells these types of supplies, targeting search queries such as these is a highly effective advertising strategy. But you can also target prospects based on whether they've visited your janitorial company's lead form. If someone visited your lead form but didn't complete it, they'll see your ad displayed on Google or one of its partner websites with which it's affiliated.

    You can learn more about remarketing with Google Ads here.

    Retargeting With Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads -- the social media network's advertising program -- offers a similar advertising solution for businesses: retargeting. With retargeting, only prospects or customers who've visited your company's lead form will see your ads. These ads are displayed across Facebook, either appearing in users' feeds or the right-hand sidebar. The great thing about both remarketing with Google Ads and retargeting with Facebook Ads is that they allow you to reach prospects who may otherwise have no intention of returning to your lead form. As a result, they are both effective platforms to bring prospects back to your lead form.

    You can learn more about retargeting with Facebook Ads here.

    Share High-Quality Content

    The primary objective of a lead form is to attract new prospects or leads. However, that doesn't mean you should only include a basic lead submission form with nothing else. To bring prospects back to your lead form, consider sharing high-quality content on your form. Think about what articles or topics your janitorial company's target audience is interested in reading. Once identified, create separate pages on your lead form covering these articles and topics.

    Optimize for Search Engine Traffic

    Don't forget to optimize your janitorial company's lead form for search engine traffic. Sharing high-quality content is one way to increase the search rankings for your janitorial lead form -- and subsequently bring prospects back to your janitorial lead form -- but there are other search engine optimization (SEO) that can help your janitorial company succeed. Using a fast, mobile-friendly design, for example, will encourage higher rankings. Additionally, creating backlinks can boost the rankings of your janitorial lead form. And when search engines like Google and Bing rank your lead form higher in the search results, it will reach more prospects, some of whom may have already visited your janitorial lead form without completing it.

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