For Marketing

High-quality and precision-targeted account and contact data is critical to running any successful Account Based Marketing campaign.

Our combination of technology and human intuition gives B2B marketers access to hard to find, unique account and contact-level data points tailored to your segmentation needs so you can focus on building a pipeline that converts. 

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For Sales

Sell smarter. Sell Faster. Sell More. The days of manually researching accounts and contacts are over.

Our easy-to-use web platform is built to give B2B sales professionals easy access to critical insights into target accounts like complete organizational charts, direct dial phone lines and email addresses for your ideal decision makers.

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95% Data Accuracy and Persona Targeting

We know data quality can make or break any Account Based Marketing campaign. We take accuracy seriously, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. So much so that we guarantee it!

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30% Boost in Selling Time

The average sales person spends 12 hours per week researching accounts and contacts. Our platform empowers sales reps. to quickly get in touch with their ideal buyers.

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50% Increase in Appointments

Insights like complete org. charts and direct dial phone lines will enable your inside sales team to have more meaningful conversations with ideal buyers that result in more appointments.

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