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    Verify Manually Acquired Office Furniture Leads

    Before contacting any leads that your company manually acquires, you should first verify them. Depending on which sources you use to attract leads, you may receive some erroneous or otherwise "bad" leads. Web-based contact forms, for example, often attract spam. To prevent these bad leads from hindering your sales efforts, you must verify them. Lead verification consists of reviewing your lead data for accuracy to ensure that they are real, legitimate leads.

    SalesLeads’ Sales & Marketing Intelligence includes hard to find, unique account and contact-level data points tailored to your audience. This allows you to quickly and effectively verify the lead contact information…and give you additional contacts for a multi-touch account penetration. Contact us today so you can evaluate the content for yourself.

    Identify the Decision-Makers

    Go through your office furniture lead data to identify the decision-makers. These leads are individuals who have the authority to make purchasing decisions on behalf of their company. It's recommended that you prioritize these leads by contacting them first. If you exhaust your time and resources contacting other leads, you may struggle to generate sales because these individuals don't have purchasing authority.

    Again, the Sales & Marketing Intelligence can provide you with the decision maker contact information including direct dials, direct email addresses pertinent to your marketing and sales efforts.

    Track Lead Acquisition Method

    It's not uncommon for office furniture companies to use two or more methods to acquire leads. For example, a company may use direct email, email, social media and an official website. If you use multiple lead acquisition methods, though, you should track them so that you'll know which method, specifically, delivers the most leads and sales. You can then focus your lead acquisition strategy on this method, allowing you to attract more office furniture leads and sales in less time.

    Contact Leads as Soon as Possible

    Don't wait to contact an office furniture lead once you acquire his or her phone number. The longer you wait, the lower your chance of converting the lead into a customer. Remember to use the Sales & Market Intelligence to verify the contact data you currently have and take a look at the other individual names as well. It may provide you the depth and breadth to penetrate the account. Focus on contacting leads as soon you acquire them to generate more sales.

     Track Which Leads You've Contacted

    Remember to track which office furniture leads you've contacted and which ones you haven't. You can also track an account with our new News Alert add-on product. This allows you to be notified anytime pertinent information is released from the companies you are tracking so you can contact them with timely information that can help you result in new sales. To experience the feature, open a new account and get started today.

    Remember, you may have to follow up with a lead several times to convince him or her to make a purchase. If you don't track these correspondences, though, you may end up contacting one lead a dozen times and another lead just two times. Keep a record of which office furniture leads you've contacted, when you contacted them, and how many times you contacted them.

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