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    All profitable markets worth pursuing have competition; it's something that comes with the territory when selling lighting products or services. Too much competition, however, can make it difficult for your commercial lighting or industrial lighting company to succeed. You may exhaust all your resources and time trying to score a sale, only for the prospect to choose a competitor's product or service instead. But this doesn't mean you should give up and seek a different market. Rather, follow these five tips to increase your chance of selling you lighting systems in a competitive market.

    #1) Explain Why Office, Commercial & Industrial Buyers Should Choose Your Company

    In your value proposition, explain to prospective buyers why they should purchase from your lighting company instead of your competitors. Don't just list the benefits of your lighting products and installation service. Go one step further by differentiating your lighting company from its competitors. Maybe you offer lower prices, or perhaps you're able to deliver installation services more quickly. Regardless, explain why prospective buyers should choose your lighting company over its competitors.

    #2) Offer Unique Products and Services

    Even if your company operates in the same niche or market as another business, you can still offer unique lighting products and services. Consider adding new lighting products or services to your lighting company's lineup that aren't offered by your competitors. Along with the other tips listed here, this will help you succeed in a competitive market.

    #3) Target Smaller Segments of Buyers

    You'll experience greater success with your lighting company's sales efforts by focusing on smaller segments of prospective office, commercial and/or industrial customers rather than larger, more generic audiences. Basically, you should create several small segments of your target audience, each of which is essentially a different buyer persona.

    There’s a couple of ways you can accomplish this task:

    1. Contact SalesLeads to create a custom, verified list that targets only those company’s that represent your best lighting customer. We’ll work with you to identify what makes them the best for your lighting company. Next, we’ll search and verify the office, commercial and/or industrial contact names, emails and phone numbers so when you contact them, you’ll immediately reach the right person to talk about your lighting company’s products and installation services.
    2. SalesLeads also offers identified project reports. These are high quality leads where companies are renovating, expanding, or building. Perfect scenarios for you to sell your lighting company’s product, maintenance and installation services. Each lead or project report contains accurate contact names, email addresses and phone numbers.

    After creating these segments, you can develop customized sales messages that resonate with each segment of prospective office customers.

    #4) Personalize Sales Messages

    Statistics show that personalized sales messages yield 20% more sales than generic, non-personalized messages. Personalizing your lighting company’s sales messages -- even if it's nothing more than adding the prospective buyer's name -- can make your company stand out in a sea of competitors, allowing you to generate more lighting sales.

    #5) Improve Customer Service

    Office, commercial and industrial buyers of lighting systems aren't interested strictly in the quality of your lighting company's product, lighting maintenance or installation service. While important, they also care about your lighting company’s customer service. Your lighting company can offer a high-quality product or service at the right price, but if your business's customer service is lacking, buyers will probably choose a competitor the next time they need to make a purchase.

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