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    Does your B2B company have a strong presence on LinkedIn? When most sales reps or marketers think of the top social media networks, most envision Facebook and Twitter. Both social media networks offer a near-limitless amount of traffic, and you can use them to connect with prospects and generate more sales. However, LinkedIn is arguably more effective for B2B companies because it's designed specifically for professionals. Here are several reasons why your B2B company needs a strong presence on LinkedIn.

    82% of Prospective Buyers Search for B2B Companies on LinkedIn

    According to a survey conducted by The Rain Group, 82% of prospective buyers search for B2B companies on LinkedIn. If a prospect is thinking about purchasing your B2B company's products or services, he or she may search for it on LinkedIn. This means a company page and posts need to be ongoing in order to continuously educate the buyer on your offerings. This will help keep your profile and company profile fresh.

    LinkedIn Drives 80% of All Social Media-Generated B2B Leads

    Still not convinced that LinkedIn is worth pursuing? According to one report, LinkedIn drives approximately 80% of all social media-generated leads for B2B companies. To put that number into perspective, Facebook and Twitter combined drive less 20% of all B2B social media leads. This statistic alone should be reason enough to include LinkedIn in your B2B company's arsenal of sales lead generation tools.

    Half of All Prospective Buyers Have Searched for a B2B Company on LinkedIn in the Past Year

    It's estimated that roughly half of all prospective buyers have searched for at least one B2B company on LinkedIn in the past year. While some prospects search for B2B companies on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn has become the "go to" research tool for prospective buyers. It's simple, easy to use, and offers access to thousands of companies and entrepreneurs.

    LinkedIn Generates Leads for 59% of B2B Companies

    Statistics show over half (59%) of all B2B companies have generated leads from LinkedIn. Whether your B2B company sells physical products, digital products, services or a combination thereof, you can generate high-quality sales leads using LinkedIn.

    Who’s Been Looking at Your Profile?

    When checking your LinkedIn account, you notice some good names of companies with contact names that you would like to have as a new customer. There are drawbacks with LinkedIn and that is the absence of phone numbers, email addresses (of course you could you InMail or Messaging) and other names you may want to contact from the same company. This is where you need a tool that brings it all together.

    SalesLeads Target Account Sales Intelligence allows you to look up any company name, contact name, company url and the system will give you a profile of the company along with contact names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers. Now you’re ready and armed with information to make an intelligent follow up call with follow up marketing communications that maximizes their interest in your product and service. The best way to find out is to try the system on us.


    The evidence is clear: LinkedIn is a powerful selling tool that can help your B2B company reach new prospects and generate more sales. To take advantage of it, though, you must maintain an active presence on the social media network. Don't let your B2B company's LinkedIn Page grow stale. Rather, publish new content regularly to keep prospects engaged and interested in your digital presence.

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