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    What's the average bounce rate of your B2B emails? Not to be confused with website bounce rate, email bounce rate is the percentage of your emails that were automatically returned by the recipient. When an email bounces, it doesn't reach the intended recipient's inbox. Instead, it's returned back to you. It's frustrating when you spend your time and energy to craft a sales email, only to have it returned. With a little optimization, however, you can lower the bounce rate of your B2B emails to achieve a higher level of deliverability.

    Use an Opt-In Form

    Using an opt-in form to collect prospective buyers' email addresses can help you achieve a lower bounce rate with your moving company’s emails. An opt-in form, of course, is a form in which a user gives his or her consent to receive emails from your moving company. Using an opt-in form ensures that only recipients who've given their permission will receive emails. As a result, email service providers are less likely to return your emails or even place your list in quarantine.

    Clean Up Your Subscriber List

    In addition to using an opt-in form, cleaning up your subscriber list can lower the bounce rate of your moving company’s emails. Whether you have a list of 100 or 10,000 subscribers, you should go through them to remove any invalid addresses. If the same address is listed twice, for instance, you should remove one of the duplicate entries. Search online for providers that can check the validity of the emails. It’s a low cost investment that packs a lot of value.

    Send From a Reputable Domain With a High Sender Score

    Email service providers assign a reputation score to domains. Known as a Sender Score, it can affect bounce rates. If you send emails from a domain with a low Sender Score, you can expect a higher bounce rate. To check the Sender Score of your email domain, click this link. If your email domain currently has a low Sender Score, you can either work to improve its reputation, or you can switch to a new email domain. Regardless, you shouldn't send emails from a domain with a low Sender Score.

    Send Emails Regularly

    Sending emails to subscribers regularly can have a positive impact on bounce rates. Some moving company sales reps make the mistake of sending emails between long intervals. Waiting months or weeks to send a follow-up email, however, doesn't just hurt your chances of generating a sale; it can raise your bounce rate. By sending emails regularly, on the other hand, you'll achieve a lower bounce rate that manifests in the form of increased sales.

    What Happens if You Need to Buy a List?

    Moving companies are always searching for new contacts. However, if you’ve ever purchased a list, you know how frustrating it is to get anywhere form 10% - 20% bad emails and that doesn’t include bounces. How can you improve the quality of the list? Is it even possible?

    SalesLeads Target Account Sales Intelligent database offers high quality contact names for your moving company. Our easy-to-use web platform is built to give sales professionals in the moving industry access to critical insights into target accounts like complete organizational charts, direct dial phone lines and email addresses for decision makers. Take a look at it for yourself.

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