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    To maximize your B2B company's sales revenue, consider using video marketing. Regardless of what exactly your B2B company sells, video marketing can help. It's become an increasingly popular form of digital marketing that offers long-term value, all with little work on your behalf. If you're on the fence about video marketing, keep reading to learn more about its conversion-driving power for B2B suppliers.

    3 in 4 B2B Companies Say Video Marketing Drives a Positive ROI

    You can rest assured knowing that video marketing drives a positive return on investment (ROI). Not all marketing and sales tactics are worth the financial investment. You may spend more money, for instance, on a marketing tactic that the amount of revenue it generates. Research shows, however, that three in four B2B companies experience a positive ROI from video marketing.

    Drives Sales Leads for 83% of B2B Companies

    Aside from offering a positive ROI, video marketing can drive new sales leads to your B2B company. According to Wyzowl, 83% of B2B companies say video marketing helps them to generate more sales leads. When you upload and share relevant videos, prospective buyers will naturally find them when browsing the internet. Assuming the videos are high quality and relevant, some prospective buyers may reach out to your B2B company to learn more about its products or services.

    Video Content Is Sought After 4 Times More Than Text Content

    According to Animoto, video content is sought after four times more than text content. You can still use text content in your B2B company's marketing strategy, but don't discount the value of video. Prospective buyers often prefer video content because it's easier and more enjoyable to consume than text content. As a result, most B2B buyers will enjoy watching your B2B company's videos.

    Increased Website Traffic

    When published on your B2B company's website, as well as its blog, video can increase the amount of traffic it receives. According to Aberdeen Group, B2B companies that publish videos on their website generate over 40% more traffic than their competitors who don't publish videos on their website.

    The evidence is clear: video marketing is a powerful marketing and sales tactic for B2B companies. It offers a positive ROI, drives leads, is sought after by prospective buyers and increases website traffic. Based on this information, the real question to ask is why shouldn't you use video marketing.

    Applying Video in Your Marketing 

    Be sure to use your new video in various aspects of your outward reaching marketing activities. For instance, if you call the contacts from the Project Reports, it's always great to send an email either thanking them for their time or informing the contact that you left a voice mail message. It help them understand the robust content which you have to offer, include the link to the video. This can help support the content you wish to share. 

    You can also send out a direct email with the video either embedded into the email or create a link to the landing page where the video can be found. If you don't have a list to send it to, you have a couple of options. Either use SalesLeads' Custom Lead Generation, which reflects the qualities of your best customers, or use our Target Account Sales Intelligence to build lists that reflect where your business succeeds most.

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