How KeyBank Increased Commercial Finance Sales by 15% Using Sales Intelligence and Marketing Automation

KeyBank Background

With over a century of experience, KeyBank has been one of the country's leading providers of commercial finance solutions for SMB businesses. Due to the fragmentation and complexity of their sales cycle, it's essential for sales reps and executives alike to nurture prospects through the sales cycle – something that KeyBank has successfully done using unique business opportunity intelligence and a well executed prospect nurturing process.


KeyBank Case Study

In an effort to improve customer relationships and generate more new qualified B2B leads, KeyBank began looking for relevant marketing intelligence data to feed their sales team.

KeyBank selected SalesLeads to provide their business development teams with actionable intelligence on impending commercial projects, key existing accounts, and relevant contact information for each. SalesLeads easily integrated into their CRM solution, allowing for maximum marketing efficiency and understanding of ROI.

KeyBank's sales team was thrilled to be given access to such a plethora of highly useful market data. SalesLeads offered a near-limitless source of data for sales reps to could use to engage with new commercial accounts at opportune times. Up until then, sales reps were restricted to manually harvesting data, which was both time-consuming and tedious. With SalesLeads integrated into their CRM, however, they could automate both data collection and the implementation of that data in their marketing efforts.

Fast forward to just two years and KeyBank has boosted its sales team’s conversion rates by 15% while optimizing existing customer relationships in the process. KeyBank attributes this success to its use of actionable sales intelligence and accurate firmographic data.

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