Terms of Use

Acceptable Use Policy for Premium Contact Information



This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") outlines the appropriate usage of the SalesLeads’ Contact Information Service by SalesLeads Users ("Users").

By using this Service, Users agree to comply with all terms of this AUP.

We may amend, modify or substitute this AUP at any time and any such modification, amendment or substitution shall be posted within the SalesLeads Portal and Users will be notified through the Message notifications inside the portal used to access the Users' SalesLeads Subscription. Any updates will become automatically effective for all Users when posted.

We recommend that Users visit the Lead Forensics Portal regularly to check for any updates or amendments to this AUP.

Responsibility of the User


  1. Users agree to use SalesLeads' services in a manner that is legal, appropriate and in conformity with industry standards and to respect the privacy of consumers.

  2. In any use of the Data purchased from the SalesLeads Contact Information service, Users agree to comply with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, the European Union Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58/EC), and all other applicable laws, regulations, and rules, including without limitation those regarding privacy and email marketing.

  3. Users are solely responsible for the appropriate use of the data provided. SalesLeads shall not be held liable for any claim arising out of inappropriate or unauthorised use of the data, including electronic communications or 'spamming'.

  4. User shall access and review the data only for their individual, internal company use. It is not acceptable to develop or derive for commercial sale any data in any format that incorporates or uses any of the information provided within the SalesLeads Portal and any data purchased through the Contact Information Service, except with the prior written consent of SalesLeads.

If Users breach any of the terms within this policy, SalesLeads may immediately remove access to the Contact Information Service. SalesLeads may also terminate or suspend access to your account.

SalesLeads (SalesLeads & Supply of the data)

Some of the data provided within our platform is through third party data partnerships. SalesLeads has automated systems that verify and update every contact record, and has performed rigorous checks to ensure that the data within the SalesLeads Portal has been obtained fairly and lawfully.

Please note, that owing to the nature of the information provided, there may be occasion on which individuals have moved organisation and the data supplied is out of date. SalesLeads and it’s Partners have made every effort to ensure that the data provided is of the highest quality and accuracy, however does not take responsibility for occasions where this data has changed/been updated.

In the event that a SalesLeads customer can demonstrate a contact they purchased is no longer at the organisation they are said to be associated with (within 14 days or purchasing the record), SalesLeads will provide a credit for that record.


This Policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Florida, United States.