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    Research by SalesLeads’ experienced industrial market research team, shows 37 new planned Cannabis and Medical Marijuana projects tracked during the 4th quarter of 2019. 

    Planned industrial project activity within the sector is up 41% YTD over the previous year. 

    The following are selected highlights on new cannabis and medical marijuana industry construction news.


    Cannabis - By Project Type

                Processing Facilities - 36 New Projects

                Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 4 New Projects


    Cannabis - By Project Scope/Activity

                New Construction - 18 New Projects

                Expansion - 9 New Projects

                Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 14 New Projects



    Cannabis - By Project Location(Top 5 States)

                California - 5

                Massachusetts - 3

                British Columbia - 3

                Michigan - 3

                Florida - 3 


    Largest Planned Project 

    During the 4th quarter of 2019, our research team identified 2 new Cannabis facility construction projects with an estimated value of $50 million or more. 

    The largest project is owned by BDX Indiana, who is planning to invest $50 million for the construction of a processing facility in WESTFIELD, IN. They have recently received approval for the project. Construction will occur in two phases. 


    Top 5 Tracked Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Projects 


    Medicinal marijuana provider is planning for the construction of two 450,000 sf growing and processing facilities in TAMPA, FL. Completion is slated for late 2020.



    Medicinal marijuana provider is investing $10 million and has recently started the construction of a 100,000 sf growing and processing complex in CELISTA, BC.



    Medicinal marijuana provider is considering the expansion of their growing and processing facility at 415 Millennium Circle in LAKEVILLE, MA by 76,000 sf. Watch SalesLeads for updates.



    Medicinal marijuana provider is investing $15 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 51,000 sf processing facility in WINNIPEG, MB. Completion is slated for Summer 2020.



    Medicinal marijuana provider is planning to invest $23 million for the renovation of recently leased 156,000 sf of growing and processing space in WARREN, MI. They have recently received approval for the project. 


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