Celadon Group’s Road to Success with Data Insights

With a fleet of roughly 3,200 trucks, Celadon Trucking is one of the largest commercial transportation companies in the United States. It's been in the business of transporting products and goods across state lines for over 30 years.. Since then, Celadon Trucking has quickly grown to become one of the industry's most trusted leaders of commercial transportation services.


Celadon Trucking Case Study

The trucking industry has experienced an influx of competition in recent years, prompting Celadon’s business development leaders to seek new ways to differentiate itself from its competitors. In 2016, there were more than 122,000 trucking companies operating in the U.S. While some of these companies focused specifically on niche transportation services (e.g. transporting tractors or other vehicles), others were all-inclusive. Regardless, the increased competition led Celadon to overhaul its sales and marketing operations in an attempt to gain the upper hand on its competitors.

Celadon began its “road to success” by focusing duplicating their most profitable accounts. It analyzed its existing accounts, and determined various common characteristics that they all shared; such as industry, core business functions, size, geography etc. Defining targets and understanding the insights needed was only one step in transforming the business development operations, however. Celadon also sought a tool that would enable them to engage with new target accounts without increasing headcount. They needed their existing team to be more efficient.

Celadon knew there are certain trigger-events or changes within a business that indicate an opportune time to engage. There is massive amount of data floating around about its target audience, competitors, and the commercial trucking industry in general. What it didn't know was where to acquire this data and how to effectively use it. After researching some of the different market data vendors, Celadon partnered with SalesLeads because of the actionable prospect intelligence that helped grow YOY revenue   by 18%. This was undoubtedly a smart decision, as the sales intelligence provided highly relevant and timely insights about their prospects so that their sales team could engage when they knew there was a demand for their transportation services.

The Results: 

With access to a gold mine of relevant prospect intelligence provided by SalesLeads, Celadon's sales team was able to reach more prospects and increase conversions by 29%, all without adding more sales reps. Sales reps could easily see which companies were going to have an impending need for commercial transportation services, and who they needed to engage with.  This intelligence was then used to specifically their ideal target prospects who fit their target account criteria.

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