How AK Steel Corporation Boosted Lead Quality and Sales Team Efficiency with Sales Intelligence

AK Steel Corp. Background

Serving thousands of clients, AK Steel Corporation is one of the country's leading metal suppliers. Their story began over half a century ago, since then, they’ve established operations throughout United States. Of course, this growth didn't happen overnight, with AK Steel Corp. attributing much of its recent success to a modernization of its marketing processes.


Alro Steel Corp.  Case Study

AK Steel Corp. faced numerous challenges in its efforts to reach new prospects and convert those prospects into paying clients. For starters, they lacked a proper lead generation strategy, instead focusing their efforts on existing clients. They also didn't yet understand how to take advantage of market insights and prospect data, placing them at a serious risk to be passed by competitors.

In an effort to modernize their business development marketing processes, AK Steel Corp. partnered with SalesLeads to provide actionable business intelligence opportunities for their sales teams. This gave sales reps the prospect insights necessary to create a customized lead generation and prospect nurturing strategy. SalesLeads provided AK Steel’s sales team with relevant prospect intelligence pertaining to the metal supply industry; including manufacturing companies that are establishing new operations in an area and the names and contact information of the decision makers involved.

With the prospect intelligence in hand, AK Steel's sales team developed multiple marketing messages, one for each defined segment of prospects. So, instead of performing a mass marketing campaign, they were able to tailor their marketing messages based on the specific demographic whom they were targeting.

In addition to reaching new prospects, SalesLeads also allowed AK Steel Corp. to nurture its prospects through the sales cycle more effectively. By knowing when prospects would be needing a new metal supply partner, for instance, AK Steel's sales reps were able to follow up with prospects during critical stages within the project.

It's safe to say this approach worked, as AK Steel has seen gained several new key accounts and has experienced significant revenue growth after just one year after adding SalesLeads’ prospect intelligence to their lead generation processes.  

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