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    Still struggling to find new industrial construction projects? It's difficult to run a successful industrial contracting business unless you're able to find new projects. Sure, you may obtain some contracts through word-of-mouth, but this isn't a viable strategy for long-term success and significant sales growth. So, where you can look for new industrial construction projects?


    Press Releases

    You can find some newsworthy announcements about industrial construction projects through various press releases and trade publications. Companies will often announce their expansion in the form of a press release. By monitoring these press releases on a regular basis, you can identify some pretty lucrative, well-targeted business opportunities. Of course, finding the press release is only the start, because you then need to research the company, contacts, etc to start the engagement process. 

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    Cold Calling

    Another simple yet effective way to find new industrial construction projects is cold calling. You can work with a prospecting data provider, like Sales Leads to find local manufacturing companies in and around your area. Sometimes just opening the phone book, and business listings can work too. Once you've collected a decent-sized lists of companies, either pick up the phone and begin calling them, or outsource the task to a telemarketing company. Cold calling isn't going to yield the highest response rate, but when used correctly it can be an effective method for finding new industrial construction projects.


    Trade Magazines

    A lesser-known method for uncovering new industrial construction projects involves looking in trade magazines. These magazines often contain announcements about major construction projects. Some industrial companies may also post advertisements in trade magazines seeking capital for major projects. Although this can be time consuming, by keeping up with industrial trade magazines, you'll certainly find new project intelligence.


    Get Behind the Wheel

    The next time you are sitting around the office with nothing to do, hop in your car and drive to some of the commercialized or industrial areas of your city. Look to see if there are any construction projects started or about to start. Some companies will even post information about the project in front of the site, complete with business cards and brochures. If you find a construction project that's a good candidate for your business, contact the respective company to see if they are interested in your services. 


    Industrial Reports

    Find a company that provides industrial expansion and construction project leads in regions that your company services, like Sales Leads. Industrial sales intelligence and lead generation companies often utilize all of the above methods to to find new project leads for your company. This will save you hours of researching and organizing data. Most services are even customizable to fit the types of projects you need; like distribution centers, or chemical processing plants, or automotive suppliers, etc, etc.

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